Retail shipping

Muller Worldwide provides sustainable retail shipping and transportation services to retail businesses, making sure the shipment is conducted based on the rigid quality standards:

  • We pick up the freight from the shipper as soon as possible and ship it to the receiver.
  • Cargo space of each vehicle is kept clean at all times, so the packaging of the retail products won.
  • The drivers are required to have a set of blankets and straps to keep the cargo properly secured in the trailer/cargo space.
  • There are multiple different types of vehicles in the company’s fleet which allows us to cover any volume and frequency of shipments

Muller Worldwide is aware of the increased significance that shipping partners have for businesses for accomplishing their sales objectives. The retail processes go smoothly once the product is transported based on the receiver’s requirements and arrives in time and in good condition. Successful shipping ensures the optimized performance of retail businesses that are free from going through redundant challenges once the goods are delivered safe and sound.